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Max Payne Mobile
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    Android, iOS

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    15 January 2020

Max Payne Mobile - exciting action-shooter for Android with the plot of a movie Thriller. In this game first introduced Bullet Time (slow when shooting). Now all of these effects, shooting in slow motion and dark intense story moved on a mobile platform!

the Background: a simple police officer who worked undercover, was framed and charged with the murder of his family. Filled with anger and desire of revenge, he decides to escape and find the real culprits! You are in the role of the protagonist max and will to solve problems, to kill the bandits are standing in your way to restore justice and avenge max's family.

Features Max Payne Mobile:

  • Shooting in slow motion using the technology of Bullet Time®
  • Amazing definition graphics, thanks to HD quality
  • Convenient operation using the touch joysticks on the screen
  • Multiple aiming modes
  • the Game also maintain the joystick, Tablet Wireless Bluetooth Controller and some USB sticks
  • Technology tactile-vibrational connection Immersion on supported devices
  • In the options there is a setting schedules!

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Requirements tov1.7

  • OS version: Android 7.0+
  • Internet: not required
  • Download cache only from the site!
  • Requires free space: 11 Mb

Download gameMax Payne Mobile Mod: developer menu Full


v1.7  Full. Mod: developer menu

24.07.2019 - Changes not specified.

Mod: developer menu
In main menu, select Cheats - Cheats and tweaks (in older versions - Options - Cheats and tweaks) and select the necessary items.

Cache for Max Payne Mobile: unzip the folder to /Android/obb/
- path will look like this: /Android/obb/com.rockstar.maxpayne/
- install apk, launch the game!


Votes: 180

v1.2 Full  Android 2.3+. Android 5.0+. Mod: developer menu

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  • Wolfеntin Kritikalo
    Wolfеntin Kritikalo
    Wolfеntin Kritikalo 2 months ago Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive Edition
    Wolfеntin Kritikalo Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive Edition 2 months ago
    • Graphics
    • Gameplay
    • Control
    • In total

    Good afternoon, for with you is Wolfentin Kritikalo or his like a second reflection - me and you in another life. We all walk the same path, for the revenge of a gentleman in a stylish jacket equates like a frozen hand with a gun. For the recollection of this berret I thank Mr. Baron's cat in profile, a mystery not human. Okay, the philosophical journey is over, what's it about anyway?
    Well, so integral to the game is a noir comic book with the same atmosphere as a thriller movie. It's all mixed with the revenge-and-cool music that Finnish rock musicians used to make in an isolated world. That's why the soundtracks are hard, heavy, electronic and seem futuristic in places. It's also mixed with this mystical style of play, which successfully conveyed the bullet-time shooter part as well. Matrix effect and gonkon action movie with an impressive idea, although the bat in hand with rolls can argue, for so the game can also be speedrun (the level to the second chapter do not count). Remedy was cool to make this game with the KUNG-FU PANDA mod and sweaty at the same time, considering - that the entire staff of the game or Sam Lake's acquaintances are painted in every page of the comic. Oh yeah, I'm too lazy to tell you about the plot, well I'll tell you one thing - it's a massacre past "Brother". Revenge for the family, pain because of the realization of all this, in addition to despair and finally calm as if in heaven, when the finger from the trigger will finally be removed. The whole contraband of the threat within from the Inner Circle itself and that drug Valkyrie does its job. Although in some places you can get a laugh with the bandits. Control in general normal, although in some places axe can be (applies to all versions, although some will have pros and cons). The effects of slo-mo, gloom and delirium in Max's head are well done and the vibe works. The graphics for that year are good, especially with Sam Lake's face making this game a legend and a meme in the industry. While I'm no couch expert, it was gorgeous for that year. Compared to even the other games at E3 with its test screenings of 1997 and 1998 it's very tolerable. The shooting is cool for the time though in terms of reload animation is still a cool thing.
    I guess that's the end of it, but has the mobile version kept all that? Of course, it's not the angels and demons of the PS2 version... There that really terrible port, and here in general painkillers are not necessary to take. I will not say one thousand times and blah-blah, but I will say that because of my friend, I like all three parts of this franchise in their own way. And this installment is the perfect start to this game and as a standalone could be a classic. Sam Lake has shown how you can make games that can still be relevant today. Well, thanks to all ladies and men with guns that read my short review (because there is nothing to press, this game for me already seemingly a thousand times passed and discussed), and I went to the third part to play. Android version by the way normal, but it's better than loading every 30 seconds, having passed two minutes in the level. But a PC&exgame wouldn't hurt anyone ☝️

  • Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin 2 years ago Xiaomi Pocophone F1
    Mr. Penguin Xiaomi Pocophone F1 2 years ago

    Fantastic game

  • Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin 2 years ago Xiaomi Pocophone F1
    Mr. Penguin Xiaomi Pocophone F1 2 years ago

    Classic Game, ufff My favorite

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