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    08 September 2023

The Middle Ages was a time when cruelty and silushka ruled the world, and only those who were ready to fight for their dreams had a chance to survive and succeed.  You start with a sword in your hand and beggar clothes on your body, but you decide that this is not a hindrance. You start by doing what you know how to do best. You chop firewood, graze cattle, harvest crops and do it with such energy and zeal that soon you begin to become famous in the region. Initially, it was hard for you, you barely made ends meet, but then your perseverance finally bears fruit. You go through difficult trials and training, but every time you think you can't cope, you find the strength again and don't turn off your path anymore. Eventually, you become a famous knight with great authority and influence in the medieval world.

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Requirements tov1.36

  • OS version: Android 5.1+
  • Internet: not required
  • Requires free space: 43 Mb

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v1.36  Original

8.09.2023 - Changes not specified.

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  • user846454
    user846454 6 months ago
    user846454 6 months ago

    A list of changes and updates that I believe would make the game more enjoyable and fair.
    General: Ability to delete save files
    More than just on background track, this one gets old fast.
    Player Panel:
    -Different images for friends/wives (to add a little variety)
    - Banker's daughter and ursurer now give extra interest on loaned money. (Check bank)
    -Fix glitch where friends do not work unless you close the game and reenter.
    Life and Things:
    -Reduced prices on all tier 5 items (the purchase cost is *fine*, the "maintanence" cost feels too much (I get it's supposed to be luxurious stuff, but come on, 500 for keeping up with fashion? Nah)
    -Remove the "Drink" from "expensive food and drink" and swap the tier 3 and tier 4 names (tier 3 would be expensive food and tier 4 luxury food)
    - Change the image for tier 4 food, it's still ai generated and I honestly can't tell what the hell it is.
    - Add a background for the clothes, only tier 1 and 5 have anything other than a gray background.
    - Add a background to the weapons, something like what you did with armors would work wonders
    - Lower cost of mantaining "Dubina" to 2 gold instead of 4 (it is a goddamn stick for crying out loud?)
    -Swap the images of tier 4 and tier 5 horses, they fit much better that way.
    - Reduce the cost of tier 5 horses and houses, as stated before.
    - reduction of cost of "Economics of Xenophon" from 5000000 to 500000-1000000g
    -Replace the order clicking minigame with specific minigames for each job( swiping down to chop wood, draging apples and beries out of trees and bushes into baskets, etc. etc.)
    - (Optional, like everything else on this list but this one is minor) Change the Weaver Helper image (Still Ai generated)
    - Banks: Allow you to take a loan OR loan money to it to gain interest. Interest in 1%, can be increased by Ursurer (1%) or Banker's Daughter (3-4%). Can't Loan money while you have a loan taken.
    - Paris as a new trading city (Jerusalem too if you're feeling generous)
    - Change the image of countrysides to something not AI (workshops are fine, but can be changed if one wishes so)
    - Change the amount of profit Trade posts and store houses provide: 20, 40, 60, 80% for trade posts and 5, 10, 15, 20 for storehouses. Also reduce the amount of money these structures require for purchase and upkeep (an old cart is NOT worth almost as much as the entire tier 2 lineup of 'Life and things' and 'Property')
    - Change the rumor mechanic by making high tier rumors (10k honor) guaranteed to be true and provide useful info for more products.
    - add choice in how one rules their domains:
    ● Lenient provides less money and troops, but gains small amount of honor based on domain
    Example: one Village with lenient rule would only have 50 persant soldiers and provide 100gold per day, but would generate 10-20 honor instead of lowering it.
    ●Fair ruling provides more money and troops than Lenient but does not produce honor.
    Example: Village provides 75 troops and 150 gold
    ●Harsh Ruling provides the current amout of money and troops, but reduces honor.
    -One can change between these modes at any times, in the warfare section. They can choose diferent ruling for each type of domain (example: Lenient Villages, fair cities, harsh castles)
    -If harsh ruling is chosen, riots or protests might break out, reducing honor, gold and military troops.
    -Reduce amound of military power required for North Africa campaign to 500000-1500000
    -Add New Campaigns, such as taking over England and Scandinavia and taking over Novgorod and Kyiv. Recomended Military Power levels for these campaingns:
    ○ England and Scandinavia 2mill-3mill
    ○ "Russia" 4mil-5mill (because of cold)
    - Add a Message at the end of the final campaing (Example: "And (Character Name) wept, for there were no more lands to conquer)
    - Fix glitch where one can do more than just one crime/raid/takeover/military campaing în a day by clicking fast enough.
    And that is about it. While the chances any of these changes and updates actually getting implemented are slim at best, I believe they would make the game more enjoyable and realistic.
    Peace - A Random Nobody.

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