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    02 December 2022

Max Payne 2 - You can't trust anyone, even if you don't see what they show you. Mysterious events unfold in New York, when investigator Max Payne came to the next murder scene, and so unexpectedly saw Mona Sachs, the deceased suspect. Nothing happens just like that, so in fact, only with the help of her testimony can you achieve the true truth, even if someone else decided to carefully hide it. To get valuable information, it will take a lot of effort, even to fight with many wards of real thugs.

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Requirements to v1.0

  • OS version: PS2
  • Internet: not required
  • Requires free space: 1010 Mb

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2.12.2022 - Changes not specified.

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  • Wolfеntin Kritikalo
    Wolfеntin Kritikalo
    Wolfеntin Kritikalo 4 weeks ago Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive Edition
    Wolfеntin Kritikalo Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive Edition 4 weeks ago
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    Noir evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to write a whole sheet of blood and ink about eternal drama, morality, tough love and betrayal to the death, for this is a masterpiece in general, as well as an entire trilogy. For me, many have discussed this game as a brilliant creation on the "to" domain. Here for example Max Grow and Mona Maidi - a pair of two desert eagles, why not, but what kind of pulls velvet, what is this PS2! Let's get to the beginning of this unremarkable story. The essence - I come to a friend, he had a heartwarming tale, a game of cards, our common interest in electric sound and in short, he offers me his uncle's console to unload. I started watching CDs at his place. I saw all sorts of things, but I was interested in the disk with the game on this console. I left that joke in the review of the first part, but I just wanted to forget that Friday... I shouldn't have made a deal with "Vlad" or his one-armed bandit "Vladimir".
    Let's start with the menu. At least quicksave is available, unlike the first part. There on checkpoints in the level were saved, such a thing. Though here it's not better - no autosave on new levels, that is quicksave for a minute. Graphics they decided to coolly throw into this game - squeeze the picture quality like in the memes. Not I'm serious, they turned two gigabytes of game into a gigabyte that way. The picture in this port you can just smear on it and watch people pay money for it. Here at least the whole floor in the blood of the cleaners washed, and this will be the level of the image in the best game from the end of the PSP or the same mobile gaming 2010. Of course I'm not an expert, but Rockstar Toronto could have turned on their brains and fixed fps with such a picture. How much of a dope slideshow is this? Well in the first part it is not a constant thing, below 30 or 24 fps and with more enemies there are 5 fps. This is despite the fact that in both parts on this console soap stretched. It's either their conscience turned on and off, but the lowest fps here is 10 fps with a stable 24 or 30. But that would be fine if you Exagear ran it that way, but no. My phone quietly pulls two parts at 60 fps, and it's a killing spectacle that was made under this console allows you to play boudouwooda. You'd think with such a clean frame rate it would be playable. You'll also think that even the picture and optimization on Xbox is not different from PC, which means they poured milk on PS even here.
    Ehm, about the storyline. For me here many people have explained the genius and coolness of the game. Poets Of The Fall - Late Goodbye, so - this version at least kept it? Well, in the first part in general two levels were thrown out, here one shlefovali and all. And here by the way by levels only two checkpoints can be, not six on the map 500x500 meters. Roughly speaking, there are also problems, and comics on pause is not put. And the smoothness of the game leaves much to be desired. Most of the levels are unplayable, just like in the first part. Although there is auto-targeting and all that kind of stuff, but you will send it far away with all the convenience. That's because of these many points, the controls are sick and bad. It doesn't feel like a shooter or a roamer at all, but it can be pumped up by Valkyrin. I'll summarize with this outline:
    Max Payne on the PS2 was a terrible spectacle. You can't just cut the game, neuter it, "it'll do" and even more so, you can't transfer it to another system and ask for money for it. I even forgot the whole appeal of this part because of that - noir-thriller love story of sorts, only not at the level of boring movies with endless sequels, but with the style of Sam Lake and his comrade from POTF. The first part by the way had all the zest with a thriller that was also intertwined with any cool shooter, but this here would be 12 frames of mess on the screen. I even regret helping a dude in the comments once to install this horrible port. I myself spent from 22:17 yesterday to 2:35 today in this game and realized what a mess I once offered. And I just fall into the camp of Max, who always dreams of Mona. Well that's how you can rate this on normal or good? There are plenty of demanding games on the PS2 that will work many times better than this dilogy. Wolfentin Kritikalo rates this port at an average rating (5), and purely out of respect for the original I gave it a high rating. I was just wildly catching a buzz with bullet-time, that supernatural nonsense in Max's head, comfortable and easy to move around like in a 4K movie, with spectacular shootouts or the grim tone of the game and radgoll, which looks better in CGI movies... But definitely not in this version. I want an alternate day where I didn't see that! And that's where my sparkle stopped being a diamond, it's like it's gone and never showed up....

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