How to install APK games and programs with cache on Android

Installation of applications on Android is quite simple. In most cases you don't need to flash or patch your device! To help beginners as well as other users, we present you tutorials - "How to install games and programs on Android" and "How to install games with a cache on Android."

1. Preparation, the first thing you need to do:

Go to "Settings" - in the "Personal" section select "Security", then in the "Device Administration" section select "Unknown sources" and check the box!
!Note: Android is one for everyone, but for some reason, each manufacturer can change the placement of certain functions in the settings menu, so your task is to find something similar to "Unknown sources" and check the box!

2. Now we proceed to downloading of necessary files:

There are APK installation files, as well as cache files (these are additional files for some games and programs!). I’ll describe how to install all of this below. First of all we’ll figure out how to choose the appropriate files for your device.
For some applications in the version blocks, on our website, the following tags are displayed:
Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra, Tegra 2, Tegra 3 and other Tegra's are types of graphics processing unit (GPU). You need to select files according to GPU in your device (see paragraph 2.1). If there are no tags, then the cache is one for all devices!
There is also a @root tag - applications that will only work on devices with a super user rights. What are Root rights and how to get them see here.

2.1 What cache to choose? We'll define the type of processors in your device:

Method 1. On our website in the smartphones and tablets directory. Find your device and look in the specifications.

Method 2. After registering on this site, go to "My Account" - "Settings", then select and add your devices in the "Gadgets" field. Then on your personal page, as well as on the application page, your devices will be displayed with the GPU type.

Method 3. Try the CPU-Z program.
For Broadcom processors - try the cache from Adreno;
For Vivante processors - you should try cache for Mali.

2.2 How to find out the processor architecture (arm64-v8a, armabi-v7a, x86)?

Method 1. On our website in smartphones and tablets directory. Find your device and look in specifications.

Method 2. For this you'll need to use special applications: AIDA64, DevCheck, CPU-Z.

3 Installing the APK on Android:

If the files were downloaded to your PC, connect the device using a USB cable, wait until the device is identified as a flash drive (for some devices you'll need a connection confirmation). Then, copy the downloaded file to any folder that you want.

If you downloaded file directly to your device, then skip the previous paragraph.

Next, open the file manager on your device, but we recommend you to install "ES Explorer".

Find the downloaded file and click on it, starting the installation. Follow the instructions. When the installation will end - click ready!
If the game doesn't require additional cache files, then in the list of your applications you can find this game and play it!

3.1 Installing games with cache on Android:

If there is a cache for the game or application, then download it to your PC or directly to a smartphone.
Select the loaded cache file and unpack it using the WinRAR for PC or "ES Explorer" on Android, or any other archiver that you want.
Make sure that the unpacked folder from the archive and archive itself does not have the same names, if so, then you need to create a folder inside your unpacked folder. Place the cache folder along the path from the game page (in the gray block above the links). Next, install .apk, as described above.


On all Android versions before 5.0, all cache files are located on the BUILT-IN Drive!!! NOT removable microSD! Starting with Android 5.0 and higher, in the device settings you can switch an external memory card (microSD) as the main one or combine it with your phone drive, so you can place it on microSD too.

/Android/ data/ and /gameloft/games/ - cache files, placed by these paths can be downloaded via WI-FI, or Mobile Internet. Also, from version to version it isn't necessary to download new cache files, all the necessary data will be downloaded by application.
/Android/obb/ - download cache files to this folder only from website. When updating the version of your app, download the new cache file again.

4. Key mistakes and frequently asked questions:

Question: What are Root rights and how to get them?

Answer: This is a user with advanced access rights, like Administrator on a Windows PC. Root rights can be obtained by flashing the device or through special software. You can go to our website in smartphones and tablets directory, find your device through a search, if it has firmware, then you will see the corresponding tab "Firmware", where you'll find instructions on how to obtain root rights and how to flash your device. For example: Samsung G9208 Galaxy S6 firmware instructions.

Question: Will it work on my device?

Answer: Look in tags or in Google Play Market is your device being supported or not. We can’t know will it run on your device or not and you can wait for a long time a response from a user with the same device! Better write about the result!

Question: It says "A syntax error". What should I do?

Answer: Your version of Android is lower than the app is required. If possible, then upgrade your device to the new version of Android.

Question: I don't have a data or obb folder, what should I do?

Answer: Create it!

Question: Why my device can't recognize a cache? I've placed everything as it being written.

Question: I placed the cache correctly, but it asks me to download XXX MB, why?

Answer: The cache isn't located on the phone’s internal memory, but on microSD. Not every game supports the placement of a cache files on an external drive. The exception is some Chinese devices and some Fly models, on these smartphones/tablets, when you connect a microSD card, the external card is replaced with the built-in ...

Answer 2: Run the game and look on what folder and where an app will create, it should look like a folder from the cache archive, move the files from the unpacked cache folder to the folder created by the game.
Answer 3: You need to unpack the folder from the archive to the current folder, but not in folder with the same name as cache archive (when unpacking through WinRAR)

Question: I placed the cache correctly, but it asks me to download x MB, why?

Answer: If the number of MB is approximately equal to the MB of the cache downloaded from the site, then it want to download it all! Main reason of it is when the cache is not placed correctly, read the previous question / answer!

Question: I have small size of internal memory, what should I do?
Answer: Flash root rights and use a software, for example: Directory Bind.

Answer 2: Look in the settings of your smartphone, some manufacturers and devices on Android 5.0 and higher can allow you to choose an external memory card as the main one.

PS: Communicate culturally, do not use CAPS and punctuation too much! Otherwise, your comment may be deleted!

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